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Discover Life's Meaning at Clays Community Church Alpha Course!

Are you seeking deeper meaning and purpose in life? Join us for the Clays Community Church Alpha Course, where exploration and connection come together in a warm and welcoming environment.

Embark on a transformative journey as we delve into life's big questions: Who is Jesus? Why do we pray? How can I have faith in the midst of challenges? Through engaging discussions and thought-provoking videos, you'll explore the Christian faith in a relaxed and judgment-free setting.

All are welcome, whether you're new to Christianity or simply curious about what it means to follow Jesus. Come as you are and be part of a diverse group of people eager to learn, share, and grow together.

Sign up now for the Clays Community Church Alpha Course and discover a profound sense of belonging, purpose, and hope. Let's explore the path of faith, friendship, and life's greatest adventure, hand in hand. See you on the 21st September 2023!


Welcome, one and all, to experience the boundless invitation extended by Jesus to know Him intimately and embrace His profound love for every single one of us. At Clays Community Church, we thrive as a diverse, multi-generational, and multi-ethnic family, cherishing the unique gifts and contributions each individual brings to our congregation and the wider community.

Our pursuit is singular: to encounter Jesus in a profound and life-transforming way. We seek this connection through the study of His Word, fostering authentic relationships, and expressing an exuberant worship that emanates from the depths of our souls.

Whether you're taking your first steps on the spiritual path or have been journeying for a while, we rejoice in the fact that we are all learners and explorers together. No matter your background or beliefs, we wholeheartedly invite you to join us on this adventure of learning, growing, and discovering the boundless wonders of life with Jesus.